Charlton Sinclair

Public Figure

A heavily involved and resourceful community individual, passionate about supporting others through advocacy, allyship, and persistent volunteering! Explore this site to discover more about myself, and to connect with me!

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Within school, I hold various positions, and take part in numerous extracurricular activities, including the following:

  • Special High Skills Regional Business Major

  • DECA Club [Member]

  • Eco Club [President]

  • Photography Club [President]

  • Chaplaincy Team [Member]

  • Peer Tutor

  • Best Buddies Program [Member]

  • SAGA Club [Member]


I'm enthusiastic about being an active member within my community, and so I remain a persistent volunteer, part-time worker, and youth advocate. I currently hold the various positions within the following organizations:

  • WellFort Community Health Services - Social Media Strategist

  • Comps4preneurs - Outreach Intern

  • Venting Escape - Founder + CEO

  • Peel Partners - Founder + CEO

  • Student Leadership & Youth Empowerment - Youth Council Member

  • Liberal Party of Canada - Youth Council Member

  • First Work Ontario - Youth Council Member

  • Global Collective Peel Youth - Board of Director

  • Children's Aid Society of Toronto - Youth Council Member

  • Core of Healthcare - Head of Ambassadors

  • Youth Professionals - Public Relations Specialist


Here's a wide-list of all of the community organizations that I have (or continue) to work for:

  • Aspiring Pediatricians

  • Astronomy Youth

  • Astudia

  • Black Lives Ontario

  • Brain-it Out

  • Children's Aid Society of Toronto

  • Comps4preneurs

  • Core of Healthcare

  • CurEthica

  • EarthBurned

  • ECLYPSE Youth Centre

  • Financessity

  • First Work Ontario

  • Generation Fuzion

  • Global Collective Peel Youth

  • Liberal Party of Canada

  • Luv Michael

  • OneChild

  • Pape Adolescent Resource Centre

  • Peel Partners

  • Peel Regional Police

  • Peel SWAG

  • PYOW Malton

  • Rise

  • Society of Gen Z

  • Speaking of Stigma

  • STEM X

  • St. Stephen's Community House

  • Student Leadership & Youth Empowerment

  • The Aspirations Ahead

  • The COVID Conversation

  • The Giveback Malton

  • The GLE Movement

  • The Kindness Rays Project

  • The Neighbourhood Group

  • The Self Journey

  • The Tampered Truth

  • Toronto Youth Equity Strategy

  • Venting Escape

  • Volunteer MBC

  • WellFort Community Health Services

  • WHAM Bay Area

  • Yorktown Family Services

  • Youth Culture

  • Youthorpha

  • Youth Professionals

  • Youth Rising Above


Many of the fields that I specialize in and apply to much of my community work include:

  • Administration

  • Business + Entrepreneurship + Innovation

  • Creative Strategy

  • Data Analytics

  • Financial Planning

  • Graphic Design

  • Human Resource

  • Marketing

  • Outreach

  • Personal and Professional Branding

  • Public Relations

  • Research

  • Social Media


Explore the various initiatives I have created and maintain within the community!

Venting Escape

My mini non-profit organization, known as Venting Escape, is a mental health initiative. Venting Escape allows others to simply vent about anything they want, and then the vent will be shared as an anonymous posting on the Instagram platform. The purpose of this is to allow others to relieve what is on their mind, and know that their voices are being heard by others; giving them a sense of freedom from the burden that they were holding onto. People can vent through direct messaging on Instagram, through an Email, or through the anonymous Google Form.

Peel Partners

This community organization focuses merely on highlighting the various activities, initiatives, events, and opportunities taking place within the Region of Peel, and showcasing to others how they can get involved in the community through these opportunities! The purpose is to raise more civic-engagement amongst the residents of Peel, and to also support other organizations of Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon!

Workshop Teachables

Below is a list of workshops and subjects that I am qualified to speak on behalf of, if invited as a guest speaker!Interest in requesting for a topic that is not listed is more than doable, upon request!

  • Volunteering and Leadership

  • Portfolio Development [Resumes, Cover Letters, Reference Letters, References, Availabilities]

  • Linkedin - Pro Tips and Tutorials

  • Personal & Professional Branding